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SPLiCE Basics

SPLiCE is a trade organization founded as a best practice think-tank for trademark brand Licensors. SPLiCE was founded in 2004 with the vision to continuously improve brand licensing. Our goal in carrying out our mission is to act responsibly as a community of Licensors who share best practices for protecting, promoting and enhancing brand integrity.

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BOD and Com and Mayor

Board of Directors

The SPLiCE Board of Directors is responsible for partnership and support of organizational goals, sponsorship of SPLiCE onsite and online events, and mentoring SPLiCE membership within each board member’s specific forte. See this area for more information on the current Board of Directors.

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Code of Conduct

Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of every Member of the Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence, Inc. (SPLiCE).This Code, consisting of 7 imperatives formulated as statements of personal and individual company responsibility, identifies the elements of such a commitment.

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Member of the Year

SPLiCE’s Member of the Year Award is a measurement of values, passion, diversity, leadership, quality, accountability, and overall output for creating substantial impact to SPLiCE. Click here to view past winners of this award.

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Membership Inquiries

For information on membership or collaboration please contact us at members@SPLiCEonline.com or by completing the form linked below.

Membership Inquiries
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