Benchmark Teams

Benchmark Teams

Short-term initiatives that serve a specific purpose to model licensing best practices

Success is built upon our foundational cornerstones including legal, quality, and marketing

Content discussed by Benchmark Teams adheres strictly to antitrust policy guidelines

Function Focus Groups are long-term benchmark initiatives focusing on topics important to our membership.

Brand Licensing Valuation

Vision: To demonstrate the value of brand licensing as a vital marketing tool to support the core brand.

eMarketplace Business Best Practices

Vision: To benchmark business models which distribute and market licensed products via branded retail stores, eCommerce/digital and social media to promote the brand.

Food Licensing Best Practices

Vision: To benchmark the quality process in co-packaging and food licensing.

Legal Best Practices Function Focus Group

Vision: To benchmark contractual brand protection best practices.

Licensing Models

Vision: To provide balanced assessment and performance evaluation tools for licensing models.

Nonprofit Licensing

Vision: In progress

Organizational Structure

Vision: To benchmark how SPLiCE Members structure their licensing teams inside their corporations.

Product Regulatory Compliance Function Focus Group

Vision: To build uniform best practice processes for brand owners to employ as guidelines to address formalized incident management procedures and global regulations.

Royalty Collection Best Practices

Vision: To benchmark the process of royalty collections.

Technology Licensing Function Focus Group

Vision: To surface best practices for the combination of technology/brand licensing, discuss challenges and opportunities, and how they might be overcome and capitalized upon, share licensing and business models, and discuss cross-industry standards of practice.

Past Benchmark Initiatives 

SPLiCE’s past benchmark initiatives include:

• Agency Scorecard

• Benchmark Leadership

•  Branded Retail Stores

•  Co-Promotion & Driving Core Products

•  International Regulations

•  Licensee Scored & Selection Criteria

•  Promotional Products Process

•  Selling Licensing Internally

•  Social Media



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