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Long-term leadership tracks to serve our mission & support our vision

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Brand Licensing Business Management

Vision: To demonstrate the value of brand licensing as a vital marketing tool to support the core brand.

International Licensing

Vision: To aid our membership with tools that want to increase brand presence in other countries.

Legal Best Practices

Vision: To benchmark contractual brand protection best practices including trademark law and anti-counterfeiting.

Product Regulatory Compliance

Vision: To build uniform processes for brand and technology owners to employ from the sharing of collaborative best practices to address industry, regulatory, and regional compliance.


Vision: To surface best practices for the combination of technology and brand licensing: discuss challenges and opportunities; how each might be overcome and capitalized; benchmark licensing and business models; and to discuss cross industry standards of practice.

SPLiCE Education

Vision: To oversee excellence in licensing education for all SPLiCE Members during our annual membership meetings.

SPLiCE Development

Vision: To generate and foster new business development initiatives, leveraging our Strategic Plan as it’s guiding light.

SPLiCE Marketing

Vision: To attract, engage and retain our membership to ensure the continuous improvement of brand licensing.

Social & Environmental

Vision: To promote and be a resource for social compliance and environmental sustainability within SPLiCE.



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